In search of Recommendations for the Best e-liquids that Produce Clouds and Taste

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I recently bought a new module and tank setup, and I’m very new to the entire vaping community. Right now, I’m using an Ultima Cleito Pro tank and a Smok RPM80. Even though I’ve been having fun so far, I’m looking for suggestions for e-liquids that combine amazing scent with excellent cloud creation.

Although I’ve experimented with a few flavours and brands, I don’t think I’ve yet discovered the ideal match.

I’ve tried the following thus far:

  • Dinner Lady Lemon Tart: I thought the flavour was good, but it could have been bolder.
  • 100 Nude Lava Flow: Tastes good, but didn’t give me the skies I was expecting.
  • Vapetasia Killer Kustard: Excellent clouds, however I found the flavour a little too sweet.

Fruit flavours mainly appeal to me, but I’m also willing to try dessert and menthol flavours. Which of your favourite e-liquids do you believe balances flavour intensity and cloud generation the best? :thinking:

I would also be grateful for any advice on how to modify my setup to improve flavour and clouds. I presently vape at about 60 watts utilising a 70/30 VG/PG blend. Would there be a noticeable difference if the wattage or coil resistance were changed? :thinking:

I also checked this :point_right: but didn’t get any clarification yet.

Anticipating your recommendations and gaining knowledge from your experiences.

Thank you :pray: in advance!!

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Hi Jessica, my personal choice is Drip Hacks Range, they have great flavours, produce much vapour,
My 2nd choice is Flaweless killa fruits liquid, they also give great flavours, the Strawberry acai is lovely, and plenty vapour clouds.
I hope this helps a little