About the 📜 Community Guidelines

:scroll: Community Guidelines


A harmonious community starts with a common understanding of what’s acceptable. Our Community Guidelines channel offers a road map for how to interact respectfully and responsibly.


  • :hugs: Respectful Interaction: The do’s and don’ts of community engagement.
  • :loudspeaker: Content Policies: Guidelines for what you can post.
  • :balance_scale: Reporting Mechanism: How to report offensive content or behaviour.

User Guide:

:one: Study: Read through these guidelines carefully.
:two: Abide: Ensure your posts and interactions are in line with these rules.
:three: Report: Use Flag to any content that violates these guidelines.

Key Takeouts:

  • An understanding of how to maintain a respectful community.
  • Resources for what to do when encountering issues.
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