💡 Finding Your Nicotine Sweet Spot

What’s your preferred nicotine strength, and how did you discover it? Share your journey!

Description: Discover the art of choosing the perfect nicotine level for your vaping experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper, understanding nicotine strengths can make a world of difference. Join the discussion and share your insights!

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Been vaping 7 plus years, started at 35mg been reducing every 3 months or so, usually by 5 mg jumps until I goto 10 mg. At that point I started mixing my strengths. I’d buy 1 bottle of 10mg and dilute with 0mg 10ml bottles till I got to a level I felt I could manage with for a while.

Now I’m buying 3mg 10ml and diluting with 5 bottles of 0mg 10ml. Giving what I calculate as 60ml 0.5 mg.

I could now go to zero but I still really enjoy the first few puffs of a morning and don’t want to lose that.

I was a 50 roll ups a day man and in my late 40s. I knew that if I couldn’t break the tar habit I would soon be in serious trouble. I for one am happy to keep vaping and am not looking to stop.

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Wow, that’s an impressive journey! Going from 35mg to now managing with 0.5mg shows incredible dedication. It’s fascinating how you’ve found a method that works for you by mixing strengths. The fact that vaping has been a successful alternative to a heavy smoking habit is a significant achievement. And hey, savoring those first few puffs in the morning is a unique joy. Kudos on taking control of your health journey!