🔋 How do you choose the right battery for your vape device?

:battery: How do you choose the right battery for your vape device?

Description: The battery is the heart of any vape device. It’s crucial to know how to select the best one for your needs. Let’s exchange knowledge on battery types, safety, and performance. :electric_plug:

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  • Battery Types: Discuss the different types of batteries and their advantages. :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • Power Requirements: Talk about the importance of matching the battery to your device’s power needs. :zap:
  • Safety First: Share safety tips for handling and storing batteries. :shield:
  • Longevity Tips: Offer advice on how to maximize battery life and performance. :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  • Brand Experiences: Share your experiences with different battery brands and models. :label:

I always go for what I consider good brands. For me Samsung’s, or efest. There are a lot of fakes around so only use reputable sellers.

I’ve never had any issues with Samsung 25r or 30q, efest 3000mah.

I also charge in vape, I know not recommended but I have never had issues. I follow the rules never left alone to charge, use a good quality charger and battery wraps checked regularly.

Every couple of months I’ll do a charge cycle in a dedicated 18650 stand alone charger at 0.5amps ramping down on charge level.

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My Geekvape Aegis mod takes the 26650’s and they seem to be a little harder to source these days (that may well be me being lazy) but the Smok Mag Solo uses the 21700’s
I try to go for good branded, but this last time went instead for the higher mAH with a AmpPlus branded for the 26650 and Vapce N50 for the 21700.
Had them both for a few months and am impressed with their performance (longevity of charge)
Got to say I never charge in vape, hence me always having a pair (one in the wash, one to wear!!!)

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