Not much of anything

I’m far from new to the ‘forum’ environment, I run a number of them myself. Trying to find something to natter about can be really difficult in an off-topic thread. I mean, I am in my late seventies, but my hobbies are that of a younger person in as much as I am a serious gamer. I play FPS type games, well one in particular, I won’t mention the name, don’t want to be accused of advertising :slight_smile: and spend about three hours a day playing. The fun thing about this is that all the other members of the clan I am a member of are in their twenties and thirties and all refer to me as GrandPa!! hopefully with affection :wink:
My lifetime hobby though was walking, but my ageing knees are giving out, but you don’t need to know about that! I used to walk the moors in Cornwall the fells in Cumbria and Yorkshire and anywhere peaceful and tranquil.

Enough from me right now, I’ll probably bore you all to hell and back again soon.

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