๐Ÿ”„ When do you decide to upgrade your vape device?

:arrows_counterclockwise: When do you decide to upgrade your vape device?

Description: Upgrading to a new device can be exciting, but when is the right time? Share the signs that tell you itโ€™s time for an upgrade and what factors you consider in a new device. :new:

User Guide:

  • Upgrade Triggers: Discuss what triggers you to consider an upgrade. :bulb:
  • Technology Trends: Talk about current tech in vaping that might inspire an upgrade. :globe_with_meridians:
  • Cost vs. Benefit: Share how you weigh the cost of a new device against the benefits it offers. :credit_card:
  • Device Lifespan: Offer insights on how you judge the lifespan of your current device. :hourglass:
  • Community Advice: Seek advice from the community on whether to upgrade or not. :left_speech_bubble:

When I see one that takes my fancy, must have a 510 connection or use my goto coils, at the moment vaporesso GTi coils.

I am a sucker for light weight slim mods. Currently using 6 vaporesso gen 80s, rotating them around fill/charging need.

Nice setup! Six Gen 80s in rotation โ€“ thatโ€™s some serious dedication. :raised_hands: Iโ€™m curious, what draws you to the lightweight, slim mods? Any hidden gems or must-try mods youโ€™d recommend to fellow enthusiasts in the community?

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I keep to slim and light as to be honest I always have one In my hand and it allows you to be able to do certain things without having to put it down. The things you canโ€™t do Iโ€™ll leave to your imagination but washing up tends to be a problem.

With the 80s you have 80 watts to hand, I seldom go above 50 so have plenty in reserve. Additionally they have plenty of grunt so cope with larger coils well.

Other recommendations would be the voopoo argus range with single batteries and 510 connections.

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